How to choose a dress for your skin color?

How to choose a dress for your skin color?

How to choose a dress for your skin color?

While picking a dress one must consider not only its style and fashion, but also the color of the garment. It can really make or break the outfit – a shade that is too bright will pull attention from you, and a color that is too pale will wash you out. To find a perfect match, you must consider a variety of factors. One of the most important is picking a color that is complimentary to your skin tone. The shade that really matches your specific undertones will make your complexion appear brighter and clearer, reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes or any other discolorations on the face. It will also give you that healthy, glowing, and fresh look.

Dress colors to match your skin tone

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Of course, you want all your clothing too look great on you and to really compliment your complexion. However, it is crucial that colors of your dresses particularly are picked correctly, because you will frequently wear dresses for special occasions such as dates, parties, various ceremonies etc. For these events it is especially important to have a flawless look.

If a dress color does not match you correctly, you may appear tired or even slightly older than you actually are. It may also highlight the small imperfections of your skin and make you look dull.

However, before finding out what shades suit your skin tone best, you must understand, what skin tone you have. There are a few general categories of skin tones: light, dark, medium, olive, and fair with warm and cool undertones.

Here are some tips on how to find out your undertones. Hold a piece of white paper up to your face – if your skin looks yellowish or greenish, you most probably have warm undertones; if your skin appears a bit pink or blue, you might have cool undertones. You can also look at the veins on the inside of your wrists: blue veins indicate cooler undertones, while green veins are characteristic for warm undertones.

Light skin tone

Women who have light skin with cool undertones should look for dresses in cooler colors: blue, grey, purple, or pink. They will make your skin tone brighter and more radiant. If you want to try a warmer color, bright red will be a good call.

If you have light skin with warmer undertones, you should pay attention to rich, bright colors such as yellow, red, coral, peach, brown etc. These creamy shades will make your skin shine like never before!

Dark skin tone

Dark-skinned beauties might want to try on dresses in rich bright colors. Any deep, luxurious shade will look great on you: emerald green, bright red, indigo, violet, neon yellows and oranges, and so on. If you have a dark skin tone, you should also consider wearing metallic shades such as gold and silver – they will definitely make your skin pop!

Olive skin tone

Women with an olive skin tone also look gorgeous wearing bright, saturated shades. While pinkish colors help to bring out their rosy cheeks, green shades accentuate their beautiful brown undertones. White also compliments olive skin, making it brighter through contrast. However, owners of such skin tone might want to avoid wearing muted shades – it will wash you out.

Medium skin tone

If your skin tone falls somewhere in between deeper and lighter ones, you most probably have a medium skin tone. When shopping for a perfect dress for this skin tone it is also very important to consider your undertones. Remember: warmer undertones - yellow, red, coral, peach, brown; cooler undertones - blue, grey, purple, or pink.

The right shade of dress for your eyes

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However important your skin tone may be while choosing a perfect dress, there are also other factors that you need to take into consideration – for example, your eye color.

If you have brown eyes, you can accentuate them with contrasting blues or purples. Yet you can also compliment them with more similar shades such as golds, burgundies etc.

Women with blue eyes might want to try on dresses in brown and grey shades. They will make the blue color of the eyes really pop by contrast. However, you will not go wrong with a deep blue dress that matches your eyes’ shade.

Green-eyed beauties should consider wearing purple, pink, burgundy, copper, and grey. These shades will complement with your eye color, creating a striking unforgettable look.

Grey eyes will look great with muted colors such as light brown, beige, olive, green etc. They will serve as a nice framing for a smoky eye shade.

Combinations of colors with each other

Shades that are close on a color spectrum naturally compliment each other. For example, red and yellow or green and blue can be paired together easily. They create a coherent, safe color story that is easy on the eyes. However, it may be less memorable from time to time.

Outfits with contrasting colors may seem too challenging to put together and to pull off. Nevertheless, blue and red or green and purple (for example) are pairs that help to create iconic, eye-catching looks. By creating such a stark contrast, they really make each other pop.

So, while creating an outfit think about what exactly you want to convey through it – a bold fashion statement or a comfortable casual vibe.

Universal dress shades that suit everyone

As you can see, there are many intricacies to choosing a dress that is perfect for your complexion. In this process you must consider many aspects of your appearance and personality – from your skin’s undertones to understanding the intention behind the outfit. However, there are some colors that will suit you no matter the skin color. For example, a right white shade will make you look fresh-faced and rested. A classy purple will make anyone look like a member of a royal family. And a softer or brighter teal will add a sense of ease and novelty into your every outfit.

However, you must remember that these are some general tips. Each of us has their own sense of style, so only choose clothing that makes you feel your best!