Stylish winter coats and jackets for men

Stylish winter coats and jackets for men

A good winter coat is a crucial element of any man’s wardrobe. The selecting process of this piece of clothing may be rather difficult. You will need to find a coat that will not only keep you warm throughout three or four months of cold and wet weather, but will also look stylish and elegant. To add, a winter coat must combine well with your other clothing so that you can create trendy, comfortable, and fashionable looks. We created this guide to help you better understand the 2023 trends on men’s winter coats and to show you some examples of the most popular pieces so you can decide what you like and do not like.

Winter season trends in men’s coats

Today’s fashion industry offers many variants of men’s coats and jackets. You can find pieces with shorter or longer cuts, natural or synthetic insulation, more detailing or neutral designs, etc., so it is full freedom of choice! However, some styles are more trendy than the others. For example, oversized designs are at their peak of popularity these days. You can wear such pieces with sporty outfits as well as with more casual clothing to create that cool, effortlessly stylish look.

However stylish these newer designs may be, classics will never be outweighed. Elegant trench coat-like silhouettes, laconic peacoats that hug your figure, accentuating its advantages, and smart jackets are some of the most timeless styles. They will perfectly combine with your business suits or generally more classic clothing and help to achieve a well-put together, refined appearance.

As to the question of what colors you should pay attention to while shopping for a winter coat – calm neutrals are your friends! Beiges, muted greens and blues, browns and grays are the shades you should be looking for. Winter coats in these colors can be easily combined with many other shades of clothing, so it will be easier for you to put together a coherent outfit.

And do not blame hating bright colors on us! Sometimes they can look truly gorgeous and captivating, however, frequently, they are a lot harder to manage. So, for an everyday piece, it is a better call to pick a neutral shade. It will save you the stress of figuring out what goes with bright indigo while getting ready for work.

Types of men’s winter coats and jackets

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Below we provide examples of some of the most popular men’s winter coats, so that you can choose your favorites and feel more confident while going shopping:

  • peacoat – this double-breasted coat which has a structured straight silhouette will look good with almost everything! Jeans, classic trousers, chunky sweaters or exquisite turtlenecks – a good peacoat will make any outfit look as coherent and elegant as possible;
  • puffer jacket – multifunctional and casual, a puffer jacket will not only keep you warm but also bring you a sense of nostalgia. Widely popular in the 90s, it has become very trendy yet again! A puffer jacket offers everything you want and more – great insulation, wind, and water resistance, as well as stylish looks;
  • varsity jacket – bringing a sporty feel to any outfit, a varsity jacket has become an iconic staple of men’s outwear over the last few decades. You will see it everywhere: on the streets, in films and music videos, on sports fields, etc. This design, which has also been brought to us from the past millennia, will make you feel as cool as the main characters from your favorite 90s American film!;
  • wax jacket – this piece of outwear is made of waxed canvas or cotton to make the coat waterproof and nice to the touch. With its high collar, a multitude of pockets, and a straight silhouette, this style of winter coat is as comfortable and timeless as it gets;
  • duffle coat – it is a true staple of British winter fashion! Made from thick and heavy fabrics, duffle coats can be successfully paired with jeans or tailored trousers, sweaters and shirts, etc. It also has some unique details such as deep hood, which will protect you from the cold, and big plackets that really make the piece;
  • bomber jacket – the name of this style comes from pilots of the US’ Air Force as it was intended to be worn by them in the first place. A bomber jacket offers you a nice, oversized fit, which you can combine with other layers of clothing underneath. Its cropped cut will allow you to move in a way that is the most comfortable for you!;
  • wool overcoat – nowadays this classic design can be worn with anything: from a chic suit to a sporty hoodie. It will bring an elegant note into any outfit of yours. Many brands create a wide range of styles for wool overcoats, so you will easily find the one that will fit your vibe best;
  • waterproof shell jacket – the name of the style really speaks for itself: it is meant to keep you dry under any circumstances. Designs of such shell jackets are often pretty simple and practical. They are light, have many pockets, and a deep hood to ensure the best possible protection from the rain or snow. However, they do have one disadvantage – shell jackets are not very warm. So, if you decide to wear this piece on a rainy day, make sure to layer up underneath;
  • shearling coat – soft to the touch and profusely comfortable, this design is a superb choice for dry cold weather. A shearling coat will not only keep you cozy but also will be an immaculate addition to any outfit;
  • faux fur coat – if you are concerned with today’s ecological situation and want to save the innocent animals, faux fur coats are for you. Despite its synthetic origin, the materials for these coats look chic and elegant on anyone;
  • fleece jacket – incredibly lightweight, yet warm, a fleece jacket is a must-have element of your wardrobe. It is perfect for comfortable everyday wear, so if you are looking for casual outwear – this style is your go-to choice.

The best winter coats for men in 2023

As we already mentioned, finding a perfect winter coat for men is not a simple task. It must have great thermal insulation qualities to keep you warm even in the harshest winter cold. It also needs to be as comfortable as possible – not too bulky or voluminous to allow your fullest mobility in any circumstances. Winter coats tend to be quite heavy, which can interfere with the freedom of your movements, so it is crucial to choose a coat that will be light yet will still effectively protect you from the cold.

We would recommend paying attention to coats that are a bit oversized to guarantee your mobility. Another plus of such pieces is that you can wear several layers of clothing under them. So, if the weather is too icy – you will be able to layer a T-shirt and a chunky sweater underneath a boxy puffer. Such coats also offer a great level of synthetic or natural insulation that will protect you from chilly winds or bitter frost. Frequently, the upper of this type of jacket is made of waterproof materials, so you will not get wet whether it snows or rains. All in all, you should have at least one puffer in your wardrobe in case of extreme weather.

However, puffers will not combine well with classic clothing such as suits. If you work at an office with a strict dress code or just have a personal preference for business casual attire – it is crucial for you to have a good peacoat or trench. Such winter pieces are often made from thick wool or suede to not only give you a timeless, elegant look but also to keep you as warm as possible. Nevertheless, these types of coats are not waterproof and frequently do not have a hood to protect you from the winds.